New Apt

It is that time of year. New apartment. I hope we can stay in this one for at least two years. Video tour to follow this week.


Last Weekend

Let's go Backwards. This is Sunday. I was on a Bike Pub Crawl and met the folks at Flying Saucer.

Saturday night. Sushi.

Eric and Leti were in town for some TKD action.

Sweet, no?

Everyone tryin to get some of my sea bass.

Friday, how about some Yogurt Planet.


Santiago and Solomon

Solomon, Mariam and Waddah came by the house for a little visit last week.

Santi was loving the fact that he was bigger than someone.


Future of Beer Bars? Not Likely.

Whilst doing some work research I came across these photos of the wine bar in the St. Regis Hotel. I can't believe I have not heard or read about this before. Obviously, wine bars are not my thing, but think of the beery implications. It is like a giant iphone app (I am thinking Beer Cloud) projected on to your bar or table. This would be interesting to see in a beer bar. But really it's just a novelty. I could not imagine this going on in a place like the Draught House, maybe Flying Saucer. Any place with this swanky action is not going to want me taking up a bar stool.

Photos snaked from The Map Office. They designed the graphics.

I did not make the cover. Whatever. I guess they only wanted one bearded guy and I did not make the cut. We are on the inside though. I think.


Congratulations Matt and Stacy

They are pregnant!

Keep this in mind:



We are moving apartments. We hired this guy to do all the heavy lifting.


First Shopping Cart Ride

At Home Depot.

We should have done this ages ago. He loves it.



For Christmas I bought Sofia a pot. How romantic!!! Hey, it's a nice pot.

Sofi's well happy.

Oh and that blue butter thingy by the knives. Don't worry. She was well taken care of...

This Weekend p.4

Untitled from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

This Weekend p.3

Untitled from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

This Weekend p.2

Untitled from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.


Happy New Year by the way

336 posts last year. Not bad. But we will try harder to give you more this year. 365!

Fer and Luigi were in town again, for New Years this time.

Maxin and Relaxin at Mozart's.

Gettin our rad on

Rafita and me on Christmas morning showing off our new shred sleds. This is his first board, my millionth. By next Christmas this kid is gonna be thrashing my face off. You can't stop the future.


Weighty Situations

Eric, Javier and I have made a bet. $100 to the man who can lose the most weight (percentagewise) by February 14.

Starting weights:
Aaron - 207.5 (Wow, I always said I'd never break two hundred. Whoops.)
Javier - 183.25
Eric - 188

My secret weapons (beside cutting back on beer and starting some sort of exercise routine):

happy new year you animals!

We went to the Brownsville Zoo for Santi's first animalia experience. He liked it.

Soon after we arrived he was baptized by a bird. gross.

The giraffe's.

His favorite were these ancient turtles. He liked them.

Here is Santi with his cousin's Rafita and Jose Maria.

In the petting zoo. Happy New Year.

EDIT BY AARON: Thank you Sofia for finally posting these photos. You can imagine my shock when I reviewed the post and saw no pig photo. "SOFI, WHERE'S THE PIG?" Here you go readers. How could she leave out the best photo of the day? She is a little rusty on the whole blog thing I guess.