Fall Days

Georgetown before Christmas.

Just the dogs.

Enough outside fun, let's open gifts.

Looking for something.

Not sure what.

Santa hat photos are a must.


Another New Apartment

I'll give you the usual video tour after Christmas. For now, some shots:



Never one of my favorite skaters, but always one I've liked to watch: Leo Romero!


My Fav

I love this commercial. It could be the best Christmas commercial ever. The music. The emotion. It perfectly captures the excitement of Christmas mornings now long gone, but still to come with Santi.


Future Al Bundy

Craft Orlando, Ctd.

Some more Orlando beer stuff.

We having lunch with Dad and Linda the day after Christmas, near Disney. I am going to push for lunch or at least a stop into Big River Grille & Brewing Works.

Cocoa Beach Brewing Company is close to Pop's. Maybe.

In nearby Mineola, these dudes might be worth a peek.

These guys have been around for awhile now, but I hardly ever see their beers when I visit Orlando. I WILL TRY some this time.

Craft Orlando

From Craft Austin:

Going to Orlando for Christmas next week. Time to check into what is going on beer wise lately in my home town.

This place is opening soon, not soon enough for our visit though:

January 28 has been set for the grand opening of Shipyard Brewery & Emporium, the brewpub/cafe from the Maine-based beer maker. You can expect a soft opening before that date, but no decision has been made as to when customers will be accepted.

Shipyard Emporium will be at 200 W. Fairbanks Ave. in Winter Park in the building that most recently held Strollo’s Cucina Due. It was also the site of the original Dexter’s of Winter Park. Shipyard will brew its own beers on the premises, but only in small batches.

The cuisine part of the operation will be under the direction of Joslyn Tusa, a graduate of Southeastern Culinary Academy. No menu has been set, according to Shipyard spokeswoman Tami Kennedy, but the official logo, seen here, refers to the Emporium as a "market, bakery & brew pub." Tony Adams of Big Wheel Provisions had previously been attached to the project but is no longer.

I mean it's Shipyard, but it will still be cool to check out next time I am down there.

There are a few World of Beers now in Central Florida, but luckily there is also one about five minutes from my parents' house. Nice.

photo: Evan Gordon

And of course Knightly Spirits is close at hand. Actually it's not so close now, damn! They moved 15 minutes further away.

I need to finally check out this place.


Best Mexican Restaurants in Texas, Again

Remember Texas Monthly's list of best Mexican Restaurants in TX? Yeah, you do. Well, one of them is in Brownsville. A place we've never been to, called Taqueria Rico's. Texas Monthly was right. It was bloody tasty. I can't wait to go back.

Eric and Leti had been there before. They took us directly there. Santiago and the suegros followed soon after.

As far as I could see they served no beer, but they did have this sign on the wall. Maybe it's BYOB.

Ugh. Awesome!

Santi liked the food of course. He likes everything, but he absolutely loved the attractions.


This x 3 = chillin.

Santi killed it as usual.

Then play time with the agua.

He was obsessed with the hose the whole time we were there. I'm sure he doubled the Del Castillo's water bill for November.


Apparently, Not the Best Cocktail/Beverage Blog in Austin

No not us. Thank god not these guys. The winner was Tipsy Texan. Congratulations!

How do I close a blog? Dump this, I'm going to start a scene blog. Actually, at the party I did have someone ask me if they could take over my blog as an arts and crafts blog. That sounds interesting.



This is out of order, still have not put up ALL the Thanksgiving photos we have. Here is a little Christmas for you.

Santi, pre tree shopping, sizing up the perfect size tree we need.

No, those are too big.

There we go, Santi sized.


Update on Barley Swine

Austin's newest gastropub is close to opening (with in the month). Follow the action:




Craft Austin has been nominated for the Best Cocktail/Beverage Blog in the Austin Blogger Awards. Please vote for us here (i think):


If that does not work, go here and follow the links to vote:




Most of Santi's music is annoying. Well it's fun with Santi, but I would never put them on my ipod. This song is different. I always hit repeat when it comes on. Love it. Have no idea what the words mean though. Who cares, right?

Too Good


Where's the Photo of the Turkey

Not sure, this is Sofia and Santi though.


Euro Beer #2 - The Porterhouse Brewing Co.

In fall of 2007 my wife and I traveled through Europe for 10 weeks. We ate a lot of food and drank of a lot of beer (and wine). Not enough food, not enough beer. Still in Dublin:

Euro Beer #2 - The Porterhouse Brewing Co.

You gotta eat, right? I could not just drink my way through Dublin without a little sustenance. But, the food joints better have some decent brew. Porterhouse as one of the stops I had planned after looking at BeerAdvocate.com before leaving the USA. This multi-level restaurant/bar had a cool vibe and typical brewpub d├ęcor (wooo-eee). Service was slow (get used to it). I had with an Oyster Stout. It was fantastic.

We ordered a “salad” and their classic burger. My burger came with chips and salad. It was not bad, but reminded me of middle-of-the-road American fast food. The salad Sofia ordered was very basic, pretty much the same as what came with the burger. I win.

But, damn, that oyster stout was amazing! I've had a few (from other brewers) since then and they have not lived up to that perfect briny pint.

For more euro foodage and drinkage, go here.

The Porterhouse Brewing Co.
Temple Bar
16-18 Parliament Street