We are watching this fruit for a few days.


Skate Video Monday #25

It's back. Me skating 45th street ditch this weekend:



Last night we hit up Fado's Pub for a few pints.

As we were imbibing, our waitress ran up and screamed "Cedar Street is on fire!! You have to go outside!"

We responded "Can we take our beers?"

"As long as you pay your tab."

No worries. Everything turned out ok.



Slowin down

We are really takin' to this chilled out lifestyle down here in TX, as you can tell, blogwise. To tell you the truth not much blogworthy material is going on. Moving, jobhunting, etc. We did go out last night with peeps, but I forgot my camera in the car. It was fun. I was DD, which meant I was sure to stop by Whataburger (OH TEXAS!). That was nice. I guess I gotta give you something. For your veiwing pleasure, our couch:

It should arrive by Thursday. It's a pullout...so come on down.


The New Grimaldi's?

We took a quick jaunt out to Salt Lick on Saturday.

So far this is the front-runner to becoming our new Grimaldis (i.e.the spot we take everyone coming into town). Best BBQ I have ever had.

Two Reasons to Love Texas

Javier found this one:

And I skated the Little Surf Ditch yesterday


Movin' on up

A couple of pics from Javier:

That's us.

Ahh, our first rental in Austin.

Our junk. See that silver shovel on the right side of the truck? That is the ditch buster.

This is part of a series.

Our new roomies.




Austin, TX

We are here now, FYI.

Oh and if anyone is looking for a sick park to skate near Brownsville—I found this gem whilst spot searching the other day at the island. Sweet, right?



Saturday we took a jaunt out to the island to fly kites and get some tasty brews.

Nice weather, right?

South Texas dinosaurs and HUGE shells!

The valley is a strange place, it comes close to FLA.

Oh, Javier bet me a 100 bucks I couldn't clear this gap - off the top step, over the wooden fence, into the next parking lot. Yr on.


Las Posadas

So tonight is New Years Eve. Actually it is already 2008 on the east coast. But here in the middle of the country it's still 2007. We have been busy, sorry for the lack of updates. This entry is for our Pre-Christmas Posada.

We went with Luis to pick up our piƱata. This was not my first choice.

Then a lil' bowling.

Later a lil' swimming. (they aint doing this in NYC I bet).


Smash it up.

Last but not least, ping pong demolition.

Happy New Year!