New Things

Hello dear readers. I started a new website. Now making the website/blog total FIVE. Jeez, why oh why.

Anyway, please check it out. My Last Pint is the name and I launched the site with an interview with Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head.

Keep reading this blog, but start reading My Last Pint. Love you, your my original readers. My old school followers. Well, if you don't count the Today With Stew emails.



This Is Wild

Not sure if I like it or not...It's interesting.

Andrew Sullivan is talking about it.


Hiking Again

Another weekend, another hike.

Nice Santi. Great face. Wildman.

That's better.

The wildlife was amazing.


What do you do?

Sick cover. I didn't do that, but I did download the photo for the designer.


More Bonnie

New month, new cd!

And this short movie with Dogfish Head:


First Tooth!

This was last week. He pretty much has four now.


Flippin Cheerios from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

Flipping Cheerios is the latest rage with Santi. So is that funny squinty eye face. It cracks us up of course. This kid is blog gold.

These Pants Were Made for Walking

Just Walking to the Couch from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

Sorry so video heavy lately. We have a back log of them to get through.


Yes or no?

You have to admit, it looks good.

torture....for some

heaven for others.

We went to Frank with Luigi and Fer. Fer is nearly vegetarian-she had a veggie dog. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of Luigi's dessert-a chocolate dipped strip of bacon. He said it was awesome.

visitors visitors visitors

we seem to have more people visit since we had santiago. people must really like him way more than us-I've accepted that fact.

first dumptruck. he found it at the park & no we did not take it home.

someone is getting the evil eye.


Matt Was Here

For less than 24 hours.

So we took him for some good local beer and ok local bbq at Uncle Billy's.

Sorry Matt for keeping you out too late. I hope I did not get you in trouble, but that is what happens when you run with EL MACHUCA!!!!

Man Down from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

Santi is pretty much walking now, still trying to get a good video of him. But this was too funny not too share.


Stepping Stones

Weezered from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

This video is hella old. Since shooting this video he has...

Started skating...

Learned to mow the grass.....

And even started kindergarten. What can I say this dude is gifted.


Da Gates

Remember the Gates? I can't believe this was five years ago:



Shaking my head.

These ipod/iphone/ipad-johnny-come-latelys annoy me (I'm speaking of anyone who spoke ill of macs pre-2003 and now are decked out in apple-everything):