Skate Video Monday #12

In honor of this past weekend's bachelor party for Matt, this is a very special Skate video monday. Starring the hijinx and skating of Dustin Dollin from Baker 3. Stick around for the Jager-Shot-to-5050 grind on a rail towards the end:


2007 New York Orchid Show

Old ladies love flowers. I heard one such lady say "ohhh, what a feast for the eyes!!"

Some dudes were really into it.


Like I Said, We Ate

Let's do this in reverse order....

Grimaldi's on Saturday night...

Get Pep...

The Dels left the next morning. Thanks for everything.

Rue 57 on Friday night.....

Not sure why we got this. I was stuffed. I guess just to be complete.

I had the mini Kobe burgers...

The burgers were the shiznit.

Thursday night was Grand Central Oyster Bar...

Located in the magnificent Grand Central Station.



Stuff Done While Aaron Worked

A smattering of NYC tourism with the Del Castillo's:

I'm telling Eric!!

Daniel Son.


If you haven't noticed by now, these pictures are from the Natural History Museum and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Did you know I have a baby purple elephant living under my desk at work.


Skate Video Monday #11

I'm really behind. Busy times bro. I have a lot more of the del Castillo visit. I will get that up in drips and drabs. For now enjoy Ole Vegan Ed taking a break from teaching 1,2,3s with a little wood pushing in Brooklyn:


Thirsty Thursday #6

by Butternuts Beer and Ale - Garrattsville, NY
Style: American IPA

Had this from a gravity cask at the Gate. I think its pretty limited as far as its availability so don't bother trying to get it if yr not in the Northeast. If it were widely available I would tell you to go pick it up. It's an IPA, which means it's well hopped. But even if you don't like hopped up beer this is still a good choice, because they have somehow hid the stronger hop flavors with fruity ones.

More info on IPAs:
First brewed in England and exported for the British troops in India during the late 1700s. To withstand the voyage, IPA's were basically tweaked Pale Ales that were, in comparison, much more malty, boasted a higher alcohol content and were well-hopped, as hops are a natural preservative. Historians believe that an IPA was then watered down for the troops, while officers and the elite would savor the beer at full strength.


Eatin' Mostly

Sofia's parents are in town this week. We stayed in there hotel before they got there.

Sorry, this is really late. I finally made it to the Ginger Man. 60something taps.

As the title says, mostly eatin'. Our first stop was Burger Joint.

Leti ordered all the food. She did well.

Then touristy stuff.

The next day. Same activity. I was at work while they were doin all this. I still have never been to Wall Street.


Peter Luger. Word.

The ice cream was jummy.


Skate Video Monday #10

BRAD STABA from "Nervous Breakdown" with music from Beck and SONIC YOUTH!!!


Thirsty Thursday #5

Dos Equis Special Lager

by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, S.A. de C.V. - Monterrey, Mexico
Style: American Macro Lager
ABV: 5%

Most everyone's had this beer. It's good. No lime is necessary, but everyone seems to like it with a lime. Much better than Corona.

You may be asking "What the hell is American Macro Lager?" Well BeerAdvocate.com describes it like this:
Light bodied, pale, fizzy lagers made popular by the large macro-breweries of America after prohibition. Low bitterness, thin malts, and moderate alcohol. Focus is less on flavor and more on mass-production and consumption, cutting flavor and costs with adjunct cereal grains, like rice and corn.
Even though this beer is lumped in style-wise with Budweiser and Coor's Light, Dos Equis is a pretty solid brew. A terrific choice if you want something light and refreshing.


¡Felices Pascuas!

Matt and Whitney inivited us over for Easter lunch. We made cookies.

And they made the lunch.

Sleepy situations...

Ole Tiger was bitin'. Major sleepy situations....

Posed family photo. Of course.