No posts, no worries.

Alternatively titled: Mo posts, Mo problems. I got pretty much nothing, so here is how I remember our weekend.

Friday night. We went to eat and then I made Sofia cheat death by standing in the street for awhile.

Saturday. Sofia did some boring stuff and I went skating. But not just any skating. Subfreezing skating. I usually avoid this. I wore gloves even. (Just a note: it wasn't actually subfreezing. That was just mentioned for dramatic flair. Sometimes we do that here at the blog. It was actually around 36, which is still pretty damn cold).

Sunday. We awoke to a couple inches of snow. This made for a pleasant walk to church.

Our church looks pretty money in the snow, right?

I've never built a snowman, but people in our neighborhood make 'em all the time.

We had pancakes. I made this dinosaur. First person to guess what dinosaur it is will win an original El Machuca Tshirt (they make great gifts).

Later Sofia did some more of her boring stuff and I went into the city to see Syriana with Ernest, the person.


Jamey said...

A snowman. I am so jealous!

matt high said...

its a Brachiosaurus, where is my shirt?

Machuca said...

Ding Ding Ding!

Matt wins. Email me your address and you will have your shirt in less than a month.

matt high said...

THAT'S RIGHT! I was going to say it was a stewyosaurus.

Katia said...

Aaron, That's no dinosaur...it's the US... with south texas a little squashed, baja california included, an inflated alaska, and the northern east coast obliterated... really...it is... Besos, tu prima, Katia