Greatest Hits V.1

It's icing, an MTA strike is looming and Sofia is baking cookies. Ernest has our camera. He is going to do a little field reporting tomorrow for us. I felt I needed to post something. Partly from boredom, partly to quench that never ending thirst for material you all have. Since a blog sucks without pictures (nobody reads now-a-days), I decided to put up some of my finer works. I think I used to be a great photographer. Some of these aren't necessarily great, but are must sees. Taken Sep-Dec 2003. Enjoi.

These first two are from our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas. This is an excellent photo. Just look at the composition.

The sunsets are quite nice down there. Purple.

I like this picture just because it was pre furniture. We had just moved in to the place.

Jason Stollsteimer of the Von Bondies. Weeks later Jack White beat the starch out of Jason. I should have been a rock photographer. Seriously.

Central Park before the leaves turned. You could use this as your desktop picture.

This is the most familiar place to take pictures. They always shoot commercials at this pier overlooking the city. Watch Law and Order for ten minutes and you will see these shots. Click on the picture for a larger, more satisfying glimpse.

This the best photo Sofia has ever taken. Ask her, I'm sure she'll agree. And not just because I am in the picture. Its just pretty. I probably ruin it a bit. She took this after I skated the Brooklyn Banks for the first time.

This is not a good photo. It's not even from our camera (you can tell by the ugly colors). It is only to show our AWEsome kitchen. I mean, you could fit one, maaaaaaaybe two people in there. Jealous?

This photo reminds me of Bright Eye's CD Fevers & Mirrors. I listened to that CD a lot during those cold months.

¡Por favor noooooooooooo perritos! My stint in wildlife photography. You should see my work with the Brooklyn Black Squirrel, brilliant!

I love Christmas in New York. I don't like when people say that. They are the same people that use the terms fabulous and bride & tunnel. Very obnoxious. Merry Christmas though!

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J said...

from top to bottom:
-great composition, i've got to admit it. was it an accident? doesn't count if you just got lucky. however, if you "directed" her to hold her arm like that i'm impressed
- i'm more of a color guy m'self for sunsets. i think you were too lazy to leave the bedroom, hoof your ass down to the beach at the appropriate moment and get the shot. i don't applaud laziness.
- pre furniture and pre shaving how YOUNG were you two bozos when you moved to nyc, were you even old enough to drink? for nostalgic value the picture's a good one though, you're right
- right again. rock photog woulda been a preferable career choice. well, you're young there's time . . .
- landscape desktops = le dumb
- ok the next two illustrate a point, if you have cool stuff to take pics of then you better be taking cool pics. how many cool pics do you see of narragansett RI? . . . precisely . . .
- . . . hey, in japan they'd fit a fridge, trash compactor, dishwasher and flat screen tv.
- how ironic broder. i listened to that album the majority of last winter. now and again it seems worse than it is but mostly the view is accurate . . . (see how that quote is both photographic critique and then some . . . deep, yo)
- "little bitches" . . . for a wildlife photog you're not too shabby though . . .
- worse yet are people that say "i love christmas in the city . . ." i woulda waited for somebody to walk past. a couple of tourists to add that human element.

. . . i'll admit it kiddo. you've got some chops. you've got good instincts and sometimes that's all you need. instincts and luck. it's what got me through sierra leone and it's what'll get you through nyc. keep up the good work.