Last night we went over to welcome Cristy back from Texas. She just moved into a new apartment in the East Village. We went to her place to prove we were not jealous.

Anthony came too, and he swore he wouldn't be jealous either. See, here is Anthony and Sofia, just laughin' it up and telling Cristy what a great place it is (but clearly showing no jealousy).

But then it happened, we went outside and all became green with envy. Her 'backyard' is enormous. Obviously, this picture does it no justice, but just trust me. I wanted to immediately call her landlord and offer him a thousand more a month than what Christy was paying. I would. I wouldn't mind Cristy being homeless, that's how great this garden was. Just sick.

Then we went out. We had to forget about her place.

On totally separate note, this morning I noticed how dirty Katzs is in the daylight.

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smm140 said...

seriously, when can i boom boom with cristy? she's so cute.