I know, this a weak excuse for a post, but people are asking for updates so here you go. Two things that you should see today.

This is some of the best video I have ever seen. I aslo heard today of a fist fight at Channel 2 News in Orlando. These hurrricanes cause a ruckus.

Next up we have a picture Kristin sent me.

I miss Florida sometimes.


smm140 said...

you know the gator is about to tailswipe that redneck cop's legs out from under him.

speaking of his tail, why do you think they decided to tie yellow tape around it? "ok guys, the end mark with the yellow tape is the safer end." "hey boss, do you think we should tie his mouth shut?" "nah, just tie the tail with yellow tape."

Anonymous said...

the gator was wearing it as a bandana. you know how it is. a gangsta has to be sure to show what set he is claiming. there is a nasty rumor going around that this was a gator on gator crime...what is this world coming to - matt