This is so amazing

I love FVGAZI!

In 2002, I drove to New Orleans from MS to see them. Then, I did not know it would be their last (maybe) tour. I was by myself, but it was my fault. I bought two tickets. One was for Bill, but I dumbly offered it to another friend because he was a big fan of Fugazi, where Bill was just a casual listener. Bill took this surprisingly well (I think). Well, my other friend ditched me. Whatever, I was able to sell the ticket in line. But, I did have to drive by myself. I remember I had turned in a paper that day and the night before I stayed up late finishing it. I was dead beat, falling asleep on the drive. I had to pull over and take a nap half way through the drive. The ride back to MS was no problem, fully amped from the amazing show. That performance is available for download.

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