Some More Photos From Our Vacation in (on, at?) South Padre Island

So, it is almost midnight. Today was my first day at the new job. Good times, who doesn't love first days? I met a thousand people and forgot 999 names. No worries, I will slowly remember them all, as needed. Anyway, I realize I've been neglecting this blog, sorry. Enjoy the rest of our photos from the beach:

This was while we were out fishing. Javier and I stayed up quite late the night before, up at 53ish and rewarded with zero fish. We need to start acting our age. Santi, meanwhile was quite well behaved.

He even interacted with local wildlife.

Next day (something like that), we went to Schlitterbahn. Sometimes if you want a picure with Santi, you just gotta grab him up.


Two rides and some snacks and the kid was knocked out.

Back on the mainland.

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