Mama's 80th Bday Weekend

I suck at taking photos these days. This was Thursday night. BOYS NIGHT!

It was fun, even if the joint was pretty lousy.

Jaba ordered a reuben. It took them three tries to get him the correct sandwich. Hint: reubens don't have any kind of seafood. Jaba, what were you ordering a reuben there for anyway? This ain't Katz's.

Later, the bad boys hit up Flannigans, where they treat you right. I dare you to finish a basket of their onion rings. Impossible.

Like two days later we went snorkeling out in the ocean. It was jellyfish crazy, but we braved the waters anyway.

Thanks Captain Kevin!

Vickie-G spent much of the time below deck with her Ipad. Ahhhhhh kids.

This is the only photo I took at the party. I was busy finishing the slideshow video (which I will try to upload somewhere this week). At least I got a nice smile from Chris.

Last day. We had late breakfast at Flakowitz. Proper. I can't believe this is the only picture I have of the birthday girl. Weak.

Sure it was "breakfast." Some people like chili dogs for breakfast. Aunt Lisa, you rock.

Coffee cake upon sitting. Nice touch.

Yeah. A breakfast I only have when visiting FLA.

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