SF, Part 5

Wednesday we went to explore Berkeley. On our way we stopped on Treasure Island to check out the scene.

We also got to see a cool sculpture, Bliss Dance, un-pieced.

Santiago met a few animals in Berkeley. Including his favorite: La Tortuga Tomasa.

At the Little Farm, Santi met a few more animals. He didn't trust them. Not the sheep.

Nor the goats.

Nor the cows.

In Aaron's honor, we went to Triple Rock for lunch and some beers. We also got him an interview for My Last Pint.

Thursday we decided to stay in the city. After a late start, and an hour nap in the car, we went to a park. This is Santiago's first go on a seesaw. They don't seem to have them in Austin parks.

With Javier's help, Santiago learned to fly in Chinatown.

For some reason the Chinese dragons didn't seem to scare Santi.

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