SF, Part 1

Dude, this is like two weeks ago now. Sorry for the D-lay.

We got into SF midday, starving and tired. Santi was a handful (Sofia wants you to know that he was sick, that is why he was tough on us). Javi took us to Herbivore . It was pretty rocking. Sofia had a huge burrito/gyro thing. It was so good, we went back at least 3 more times while in SF.

Like I said, Santi was sick. Actually he was teething, badly. And the time change. So each day he would wake up at 5am. Which was not too bad, especially since we got to see the sun rise everyday. You can't tell from this photo, but we had a great view of downtown. Beautiful.

Early morning breakfast runs. Look, no one is on the street.

Once breakfast came around, Santi was in full-on nap mode.

Where are we?

Friday was lax: breakfast, chill, lunch, park, popsicle time.

Javier introduced me to this stuff. Obsessed now.

I left them to meet up with Ryan Parker for some brews in Oakland. Strictly business. Right.

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