Tonight Jaron told me Hitch had cancer. I did not believe him. This is just so depressing. So depressing. Christopher Hitchens has made a huge impact on my life, not as large as Hemingway and Kerouac, but still. So sad.


Jason said...

whew... I saw the title and I was so afraid he had one of those conversion moments... this sucks. We need more people like Hitchens to advocate logic and reason... :-/

I'm glad he's sticking to rationality though.

weeder said...

very sad. though not nearly as sad as his eternal death or the likelihood that, by way of his literary output, he will have dragged many others to theirs.

Jason said...

I think he is just ok with the idea that consciousness stops when we die... a scary thought and most run to religion or drugs. He returns to reason and investigation.