Just a Saturday

This baby is a kid now. What happened?

At the mall waiting for Mom to find a swim suit. Whilst waiting I showed Santiago the GAUNTLET for the first time. What, you don't know what the GAUNTLET is? I am sure you've done it before. It is simply when you start at one end of the food court and work your way to the other side, trying samples along the way. This day's GAUNTLET was, I kind of hate to use this word because it is overused nowadays, epic. We got six to seven samples. That is unheard of. I told Santi not to expect that every time.

To reward me for my patience, we stopped at Draught House for a pint. Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary (Jack And Ken's Ale). It was the bomb.

Sofia had a house Black Wheat. Santi had a peach.

Then, to reward Santi for his patience, we went swimming. No pictures. He splashes too much.

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