Thirsty Thursday #28

Hopus Ale
by Brasserie Lefebvre SA, Rebecq-Quenast, 1430, Belgium
Style: Belgian IPA
ABV: 8.5%

Last week (or was it two weeks ago, whatever, you get the point) Central Market had that somewhat amazing sale: 20% off all beer. I took the opportunity to buy a bunch of beer I usually would never have bought. Mostly pricier items. I saw this bottle and it caught my eye. Grab it, why not? It is a hefty one, weighing in at 8.5%. I split it with Sofia since I am watching my waste line and I have a bet to wing (which by the way ends in two days, I'll be in a food, beer coma for the following week, just kidding Sofia).

Did you see I just wrote "wing" instead of "win"? I am starving. Visions of buffalo wings and pilsner dancing in my head. Ok, back to the beer.

As you can see by the above stats, I liked it. I'll probably never buy it again. It's a try one and done beer for me. And should be for you too.

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