Euro Flashback #1

Flashback to November 3, 2007. We were in Santader, Spain en route to Llanes, where would be staying for a week.

This was our breakfast. It was from the bus station cafe. We had to wake early to catch our bus to Llanes. We were only in Santander for a few hours. We arrived late in the evening. Our hotel was across the street from the bus station. So you can imagine how nice it was. We slept as good as we could, but the cackling prostitutes outside our balcony did not help.

This was one of the beers we drank the night before. The lady at the cafe yelled at me for having it out. She thought I was boozin at 7am.

Two more cafe con leches before boarding our bus.

On to Llanes. I had a cold.

I miss Spain. For more of this, and much more to come: DIGESTING EUROPE. Bookmark it people!

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Leticia Arriaga said...

those cafe con leches look almost as delicious as the cappuccinos I make Eric every morning...almost...