I ain't puttin these photos in order. Sorry, I am being a bum. We go on vacation in four days, but in my head I am already on the beach in Mexico. This is the burger and fries from Parkside. They were hella good and hella salty. Too salty actually, my one complaint. But this was the end of our meal.

One of our starters. Bone marrow and herb salad. Suppppper rich, delicious. We split it between four of us. I had my share, but could not imagine eating this by myself. I could hear my arteries clogging.

"I think we ordered too much food."

Santiago was pumped about being on Sixth street on a Friday evening.

Crab salad. Not bad. I had one bite and was delightfully interrupter by the arrival of the marrow.

Oysters. Good. But I don't think it is cost effective to eat oysters in the middle of a gigantic state like Texas. Especially if they came from the Northeast.

Awhile back I wrote an email to Parkside (having never actually been there) complaining about their crappy beer list. Although it's not top notch now, it has improved greatly.

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