Where are we again?

Hello from Padua, Italy. Today we leave for Bologna and hopefully more good food. So far it has been great. Saw Venice yesterday, cool, over it.

Onward. No new pics up yet, sorry, maybe in Bologna.


Big Popi said...

Happy Belated Birthdays to the wandering duo, It has been my policy in the past to ignor Birthdays of ex-patriots, but the pressure is just too much. Have a great adventure, and find that darn Waldo.

Anonymous said...

Hey people! Your photos are informative, humorous, and delicious. But perhaps they aren't (all) as funny as a certain 406 member strolling into the office from a round of shopping with 2 hula-hoops to be used for exercise. Pretty Awesome!

Baseball playoffs are going on here, politicians are getting money and endorsements, it's warm out, and the 2nd avenue subway still isn't finished.

Hugs and good food wishes,