Ok Yall...

If you dont start commenting, emailing, something....I dont know what. We have been trying to get as many photos up on flickr as possible. Finally we got some London pics up. So check em out (the link is below in past messages).

We are leaving Annecy, France tomorrow for Bergamo, Italy. I am really looking forward to the food in Italy. Im frankly sick of bread and cheese; yeah yeah we get it France, you guys rule at bread and cheese. Next!

P.S. Any news from the states. I am totally lost as far as US current events go.


kristin said...

awwww. you are so funny....of course i am alllllwaaaaayyyysss checking, but my comments never make it onto your blog...technically challenged i guess. miss you so much....

Shi Heng Zhan said...

I never see any repplies to my comments from you or Sofia so I stopped commenting. I check your blog at least five times a day.

Oh and a very belated Happy Birthday.

Love you both. Tear Euorpe up.

Your favorite monk,
Shi Heng Zhan

Anonymous said...

Love the site, Jess and I look all the time. Gracie says Hi!! we miss you!! Keep the photos commin


Spooks said...

well you guys seem to be having the time of your life... when's pequeno machuca comming?