Slaggin it Up

Uhhh yeah, so we are pretty behind. I can't help it. I've been training "Vegetable Lasagna" for the last week and he is killin' me. Last weekend (Labor Day) we made it out to the Hamptons for one last visit. Brian picked us up and he had this sad little dog with him.

Just kidding. His name is Sherman and he is usually pretty happy go luck, at least when he is not sleeping, which is always.

Major scentage goin on.

At Brian's we marveled at Sherman's ability to take down dogs three times his size.

And at daddy long legssssss.

Later that night Sofia and Natalie went for Mexican food.

Yummmm. Of course I got nothing. I had to suffer eating doritos and cheese-its. Just to go pick up this fool:

Yeah, ole docter McHomeless made it down too.

These things...ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sofi and aaron!
Read your posts often!
Glad to hear you guys are having fun!!

I know nobody in Madrid! Sorry! If you go to Oviedo or Llamas....then we'll talk..
love ya. Lulis