While in Hamptonia, we also made it out to Montauk, which was pretty much perfect.

Except for the fact that Brian, Steve and Sofia played frisbee for about 4 hours. I only lasted about 3 throws. Boring.

Though Sofia was impressive. She did not spill a drop of that beer.

Natalie tried to get in on the action. She lasted all of five minutes.

Once I purposely through it into the rocks. Ha. Sucker.

We got a photo shoot going also.

Merry Christmas. (This will make sense in about three months).

Spear fishing didn't go to well for Brian. But he looked cool all kitted out.

"Cold, right Stewy?"

Yeah, it was damn cold.

This is turning quite bromantic...


Sofia and Natalie went for piƱa coladas after the beach. Brian, Steve and I went to Orient Point (or something like that). Steve had a ferry to miss. Whoops.

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