Wedding Wrap-up Episode 2

Friday was sort of an off day. We only had a party to attend that night at Kevin's parent's house.

Breakfast. Jess had a shirt that said Bride. Mom had one that said M.O.B. Kristin and Sofia left their S.O.B. shirts at home.

P-dos. Sofia is laughing so hard right now.

We ran errands all day and later made our way to the Brown's home. This is a picture from their whales watch overlooking beautiful Deerfield Beach. The ocean is behind me.

The Chamberlain Gang. A noble bunch I must say.

Pops is way to busy stuffing his mouth with shrimp for pictures. Word, I understand, they were yummy.

Doctor jokes. Ha.

Kristin, Aaron, Laurie, Laurie, Sofia, Kristin.

Jessica dress #2. Kevin/Jess Thankyou Speech #2.

Tallarico's representin' but why are Ryan and Daniel missing from all my photos.

Big deal guys, getting married is so two years ago. Right Sofia?

Mr. Brown's creepy friend.

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matt high said...

lookin' good mistas. nice to see costanza showing up on the blog.