Late summer?

Santi had the bright idea to picnic at Deep Eddy pool after work on Friday. It was a pretty good idea actually.


Then we got gelato and juice at Whole Foods, because Austin.


Saturday was the grand opening of Oasis, TX Brewing. Worst name for a brewery, but Spencer and crew are making some good beer out at the lake. A nice sunset as always.

Fake horse rides too!



Lucia and Micah painted the sidewalk with water. This could have gone on for hours. Parenting tip.


Lucia's hair.

 Santi is not as easily entertained so we had Carlos watch him.

Sunday I got up sort of early and went to help out "building" Santi's new school's playground. Lot of work still to be done this week. Good luck with that. Post nap we did the usual and hit up the pool. Post pool we pet some weird animals at In.gredient's 2nd Anniversary Party.

Hops & Grain brewed them a beer to celebrate the occasion. Watermelon beers, so in this summer.

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