A few weeks ago we zipped down to S. Padre Island to cheer on Javier (Grande or Abuelo as Santi calls him) and Leti do one of them triathlon thingies. Some shots from the big day:

Somewhere in this crowd is Santi, Eric and Sofia. I'm not there, I was in bed for the start of the race.

Like I said, I was not there so Tere was taking the photos. There were a lot of photos like this. Not sure if this a mistake or she actually wanted a photo of this green wooden trash can.

Javier coming out of the water.

Transitioning to bike.

Another favorite photo of mine.

Then I got the camera back.

Where is Leti anyway?

Starting his run, getting an ass smack from Eric.

And there's Leti coming in to finish. I missed her whole race.

Javier finishing strong.

O the pain and the joy.

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