Saint Arnold 2nd Austin Pub Crawl Recapish

This post was from my beer blog:

Last Saturday was not a good day to be walking around downtown Austin in jeans. It was bloody hot, but that is just what I did. I had to. I only own one pair of "nice" shorts and I got bleach on them. Now I have none. So jeans it was. Ohhh, the exciting life of a rich and famous beer blogger.

Anyway, the pub crawl lineup was as follows: Texas Embassy, Sidebar, Liberty and Shangri'la. Four bars I had never been to. I was surprised by Shangri'la, it was a cool bar with a huge outdoor area. I also liked Liberty. It reminded me of some of the bars I frequented in Brooklyn. All in all, just as with the last pub crawl, it was a lot of fun, hot, but fun. Next time I am wearing shorts, bleached or not.

This is the only photo I took. It was not one of the stops, but a mandatory food stop for my pub crawl companions. I took the photo to show my wife. Carry on.

Me and the group I latched on to, much to their chagrin. This photo is from Saint Arnold's Facebook page, check it out for tons more photos of the festivities.

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