Fishhinnnn Time

Dawn patrol a couple of days before the wedding.

With Cpt. Pops and Deckhand Matt

Once we were about 30 miles out, Matt took the helm as Pops readied the rods.

The sun was strong. I took proper precautions.

And the hunt was on....


It was not a record winning wahoo, but still not too shabby.

That called for a beer fo shooooo....

Then it was Matt's turn.

Nice one.


The ride in was fast, loud and fun (as videos will show).

Damn, that is a big dolphin!

Impossible without our Captain.

Greg chopped, sliced and diced the fish. We swam at his place afterwards. Later we had Mexican food and somehow ended up at Longhorn steakhouse, but those stories are best told in person.

Thanks Pops!


pops said...

you're welcome, I had a blast with you landlubbers!! Fish On!!

weeder said...

hey! a pops blog sighting!! thought i would've seen bigfoot first.