Friday night, Sofia we HAVE to go to Draught House tonight to get some Jubel. It's a "once-a-decade" kinda beer! Come on, we can stop by with your parents before dinner. They agreed, but were not too happy, as you can see in the above photo.

It was a dream.

Saturday was the Beer Connoisseur/Independence Brewing party. We arrived early and left too early. It was fun. Beers were had from Lovejoys, NXNW and of course Independence. The highlights were the Stash IPA , NXNW Black Ale and the NXNW IPA. There were some breweries that were supposed to be there that were not, not that big of deal. We ran the gauntlet of beer and left for dinner.

And now for three photos of the event that you could not have lived without:

Thanks to Independence and Beer Connoisseur.

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