Peep this

I know, I know, you are probably wondering right this very moment what I have been up to all weekend by myself. Well here you go:

I saw Bill Callahan tonight. He was amazing. Really. He did a performance of the above song that was easily one of the best live musical pieces I have ever witnessed. Quite quiet, quite perfect.

I shopped. I skated. I felt so old at the skatepark. Not because I was surrounded by pimply preteens, but because I actually FELT old. I was sluggish. My ankles, my knees, they ached. Badly. I hope it was just an off day.

I had posole at the Georgetown Del Castillos last night. It was delicious and a fun time hanging out with fam.

And of course, obviously I had some tasty brews.

Oh and I watched the entire second season of Tudors and started the first season of Dexter.

Worked on this too (much more to come, Mom sent me a lot of old photos):

Have you looked at the entirety of DE? Get on it.

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