Birthday Blues

Why blues? I'll tell you why, cuz we are bloody old. This was Sofia's 30th. Daniela brought cupcakes.

Thanks Daniela and Jason.

Jaron, well, thanks for coming out.

Sofia just said, as I type this blog, "You and Jaron are one letter away. And Jaron and Jason are one letter away." You CAN teach an old dog new tricks...........ouch........burn baby burn. Just kidding Sofis, I love you, you're beautiful. But we are old.


j.cHAMBERLAIN said...

One letter away from each of the Chamberlain boys... hahhahahah greatness

Javier said...

. . . i would love a cupcake right now.

Francisco said...

Age has always been in the mind. You have to get younger very year.
The only thing that goes is spelling and grammar.
Love the dad