Saturday a walk through Harvard Medical School led us to the Museum of Fine Arts.

This one was for Aaron-just so he knew we were in fact thinking about him. :)

Monday we headed to Cambridge and met up with a work friend from NYU, who now works at Harvard Admissions. She showed us around.

Here Santiago is attempting to rub John Harvard's foot which, legend says, will help him get into Harvard, if he wants to that is.

Santiago has a long tongue..he's definitely Aaron's son. I tried to capture it here, but it doesn't do it justice.


Witch Baby said...

harvard shmarvard . . . that boy's going to be a Longhorn. Nuff said.

Lulis said...

Umm....the bad news Sofi....Tessa said that Harvard students pee on that shoe....
She didn't.
But just to be safe - wash that baby well!
And a little Longhorn sounds good!oa