NYC v. Austin #4: Pizza

Stop laughing...ok...your're right. This is Ridiculous.

Grimaldis - the best. I've tried all the others in NY and none ever stood up to Grimaldis when they were on their game. The last year and a half in NY Grimaldis had some funny things happen and the pizza was not always top notch. But when it was right, it was excellent.

The pizza here is fine. It's great if you've never had Grimaldis. I am not going to list any places. It just would not be respectful to Grimaldis.



Anonymous said...

Not so fast. Milto's rules. Pizza, waiting time, seating, salads etc. etc. Thank you very much. My mouth watereth.


Javier said...

indeed, i have to agree with the papa. the blog is SOFIA y El Machuca, and the first half of things has a longstanding history with Milto's. In a blind taste test I would agree, Grimaldis still wins . . . however, for Milto's to get no mention is ludicrous . . . simply ludicrous. it stains the otherwise objective reputation of this blog . . . ha!